In Ukraine, a Distinct but Not New Mode of Warfare

With the upheaval in Ukraine, an old and neglected field of Russianist scholarship has been dusted off. Russian area studies, and the study of the broader Russian imperial region, was once so prominent as an independent field of study as to warrant its own “ology.” Sovietology was unique

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One State, Two State, Dead State, Jew(ish) State: Possible Futures in Social Science


Source: USAID

You have to wonder if John Kerry enjoyed his coffee on the morning of September 14th, 2013. It was a Sunday morning, and the morning after Yom Kippur. Mr. Kerry would have just left Geneva, where hard talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Syria would eventually pay off with a negotiated high diplomatic compromise. But if Mr. Kerry opened up the New York Times that morning, he would not have been thinking about chemical weapons and great power politics. Sitting in his breakfast nook, Mr. Kerry would undoubtedly have been thinking about the 3 foot tall map of Israel splattered across the Sunday Review, borders painted over borders like an Arthur Dove watercolor.

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